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SubjectRE: i82808 hardware hub RNG
> Excellent!
> Got any URLs?
RML> its been in 2.4 for a year or so, although only in the last few tests
RML> it supported i815. it has been in 2.2 since 2.2.17 or the current

2.2.18 I think, or some undetected disk-error must have swept it away from
the local sourcetree :o)

RML> take a look at linux/drivers/char/i810_rng.c
RML> Jeff's homepage for it is but
RML> probably not as up to date as the C source.

Thank you!

RML> it works great for me. i have it feeding the standard entropy pool, so
RML> /dev/random is fat with entropy.

You didn't forget to change the line
random.c: #define POOLWORDS 128 /* Power of 2 - note that this is 32-bit
words */
#define POOLWORDS 2048 /* Power of 2 - note that this is 32-bit words */
? :o)
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