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SubjectRe: silly [< >] and other excess <> wrote:
> > Thats because too many things get put on a line then.
> > And because we do [<foo>] [<bar>] not [<foo>][<bar>] ?
> In the good old times we had foo bar for a total of 8*(8+1) = 72
> positions. Now we have [<foo>] [<bar>] which takes 8*(8+1+4) = 104
> positions. If you turned this into 6 items per line instead of 8,
> it would certainly improve matters a bit.

The original poster complained the output lines were too wide for the screen
on his PC. Perhaps he should change his console mode to 132 characters wide
(via SVGATextMode or such) -- voila, no more problem, no broken kernel patches.

Charles Cazabon <>
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