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SubjectRE: [PATCH] swap=<device> kernel commandline
>===== Original Message From (Eric W. Biederman) =====
>Werner Almesberger <> writes:
>> Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> > I have one that loads a second kernel over the network using dhcp
>> > to configure it's interface and tftp to fetch the image and boots
>> > that is only 20kb uncompressed....
>> Neat ;-) My goal is actually not only size, but also to have a relatively
>> normal build environment, e.g. my example is with shared newlib, regular
>> ash, and - unfortunately rather wasteful - glibc's
>> But a tftp loader in 20kB is rather good. Now the next challenge is the
>> same thing with NFS. Then we can finally kill nfsroot ;-)
>Hmm. What does it take to mount an NFS partition?
>Anyway. All I did was wrote a tiny libc that is just a bunch of
>wrappers for syscalls, and some string functions. Then I just wrote
>a straight forward C program to do the job. Except for my added
>kexec call I can compile with glibc :)
>Now if glibc wouldn't link in 200k of unused crap when you make a
>trivial static binary I'd much prefer to use it...
>Though I wish it was possible to have a ramfs preloader instead of
>initrd. An initramfs would allow me to not even compile in the block
>device driver layer, and be more efficient.
A discussion on l-k two months ago revealed that someone actually had made a
patch that took a tarball (masquaraded as an initrd image) and unpacked it
into a ramfs. I've got the mail samewhere if you want it.


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