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SubjecttestXX and PPPD 2.4.0-release
Happen on 2.4.0-testXX, doesnt on 2.2.X
pppd 2.4.0-b2,b4,release, ppp async in kernel
Sportster 14400 Vi (if that hell does matter)
AND! UART 16450!
I`ve described such a problem to PPP maintainers
about half-year ago, but got nothing.

Now it looks like that this problem is /tolerable/
in 2.4.0-testn; n>7, even when in older tests i was just a small hell.

~12.5% of small file transfers stalls at beginning,
when modem lights still flashes and ppp0 interface
error count significantly grow. it looks like
data is there, but ppp refuses to take it.

it may look ok, just like some random factor, BUT!
e.g. every one of posted on lkml by Dag Brattli
irda-posts/mails only downloads by 2.5k, e.g.
2 packets... =(
for another example approx 3 of 25 posts on lkml
are undownloadable...
another detail: tcp_ecn=0

whats the hell?

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