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SubjectPROBLEM: 2.2.18pre17 nfs - mount/showmount failed

[1.] 2.2.18pre17 knfsd stops replying to mount or showmount requests

[2.] Full description of the problem:

After 9 days of uptime, Linux 2.2 clients could no longer mount nfs shares
from a 2.2.18pre17 server.
The client mount request was logged as authenticated by syslog, but the
client was denied access.
Running "showmount" on the server responded with a RPC error. No "dump"
request was logged to
syslog. "rpcinfo -p localhost" showed mountd to be registered.
Restarting nfs with "service nfs restart" gave an error message when
shutting down mountd, but the restart restored things to normal.

[3.] Keywords: nfs, mountd, showmount

[4.] Kernel version: 2.2.18pre17

[5.] Output of Oops... message

[6.] Example program to trigger problem

[7] Environment:

Red Hat 6.2
server running 2.2.18pre17 and nfs-utils 0.2
clients running RH 2.2.16

[X.] Other notes:

Daniel Deimert (
Intermec Printers AB, Göteborg, Sweden

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