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SubjectRe: problems with 2.4.0-test8
TimO wrote:
> My previous replly was targeted more to the comments of R. Polton where
> sysreq still functioned but was unable to sync the disk netscape was
> reading/writing. The fix for this one was posted by DaveM and is in
> the test9.prex kernels.
> As for the hard lockups, I s'pose we can blame Rik. ;-) I've been
> loathe
> to do so tho' because on my box the locks always occur with low memory
> pressure. I actually thought that he had them fixed with his vmpatch
> cuz'
> I didn't get any lockups with a heavier load. Opening netscape, star
> office
> and doing repeated make clean/Build-kernels worked just fine. Closed
> star
> office started compiling -pre9 went back to reading mail and zap;
> lock-up.
> It always happens the same although I can't repeat it on demand. Start
> a kernel compile and go read mail. Somewhere upon switching mail
> folders
> in netscape it locks. Box is _never_ under swap when this occurs. Wish
> it
> would at least log _something_ to report.
> Athlon 750 128M memory 124M swap

Good observation. Yesterday I tried test9-pre9 and i have a few hours up
time without locks. Now i'll try official test9 and if there are any
troubles i'll let you all know ;-)

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