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SubjectNetwork stalls in test9pree9

- i reinstalled a linux box (64 MB, AMD300, Network DC21143 (de4x5.c),
2 ide, one old scsi disk) Box this week

- has mail service(imapd),nfs, smb, postgres, mysql, http, ssh (2.3), isdn running

- this box runs fine when i boot into the regular 2.2.16
redhat 7.0 standard Kernel.

after upgrading to the last test release (test9pre9) (1 before Linus final beta)
i realized (and a User of the mail-system too) that there are stalls
in the network connection to the box.

I worked with ssh with this box. I can see no pattern but i have
3-5 seconde stalls when i work with the box ( after 1 minute,
after 10 minutes.. ??? )
same for mail, smb
- network connections never break, but they all seem to be slower
(no testing with a tool so far... my impression (and of another user too))

- the box was not heavy loaded at the testing time.
(Services where running, isdn connection up, mail connection to one user, and ssh to my box)

- this seems not logical to me, i have no dma transfer to my (UDMA) disks in 2.2.16
(but in 2.4.0test9pre9 so the box should have less load then in 2.2.16)

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