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SubjectRe: kqueue microbenchmark resul
> >In fact, if you did leave the read queued in a daemon using select() 
> >before, you'd keep looping endlessly taking all CPU and never idle
> >because there would always be read data available.

That would be a programming error on the part of the application.
Any application using a level-triggered interface like select
or poll must of course mask off events it is not interested in,
to avoid getting them endlessly. That's just 'select 101'.

> Also, level triggered notifications would also seem to cause
> multiple thread wakeups and thundering herd problems when
> there are multiple worker threads reading from the same queue.
> How does (?) kevent avoid this from happening?

Easy - applications which have multiple threads reading from the
same queue would use oneshot events instead of level-triggered events.
Level-triggered events are only for applications where a single thread
is reading from the queue.

- Dan
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