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SubjectRE: Patch to remove undefined C code
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Alexander Viro []
>No arguments here, but proposed fixes were remarkably ugly. Example:
>tmp = *p++;
>*q = f(tmp, *p++);
>return p;
>is equivalent to more idiomatic
>*q = f(p[0], p[1]);
>return p+2;
>And example with copying the string up to the comma... Yuck. Legal C !=
>decent C.

Strongly agree. If the changes were an elegant solution to the ambiguities
I never would have cared. In fact the whole reason I bothered to read the
patch in the first place was that I feel strongly that something like that
_was_ needed, but the solutions really seemed inferior to the original code
in terms of elegance of expression. (Well some of the original code was
pretty ugly too :-)

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