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SubjectRe: BIG problem with BusLogic SCSI and/or something else
> Note that the sync-rate of target 6, the device I added, has been
> turned down to try to eliminate any hardware problems. Also note
> that the entire drive has been read/written with the BusLogic BIOS
> diagnostic setup utility.

That BIOS setup tool might just use asynchronous I/O for anything,
so this may not be an indicator in any way.

Did you check your cable length and termination? You need exactly two
terminators, one at each end of the cable. None in between. Note that
the host adaptor does not get terminated if you connect two cables to

> No. There are no logs after the "Aborting" messages. There is nothing
> written to any hard disks as a record even of the first message. The
> only messages on the console are the "aborted" messages, not even a
> "timeout" or any other such. Further, the messages run so fast that
> I had to take a scope camera photo at 1/1000th sec to figure out what
> they said.

Do you have a different machine with null-modem or something? You could
copy your syslog/klog output there, or you could send it to a different
host in your LAN.

Matthias Andree
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