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SubjectRe: apache problem + Re: Can't play audio CDs in 2.3.1x (NOT the check_media_type thing)
 =>From: Gabor Lenart <>
=>Another story but I realized with 2.3.18 that my apache-ssl can't
=>run with generating crazy growing error file :
=>[Fri Sep 24 14:08:18 1999] [notice] Apache/1.3.9 Ben-SSL/1.37 (Unix) =
=>PHP/3.0.12 configured -- resuming normal operations
=>[Fri Sep 24 14:08:18 1999] gcache started
=>[Fri Sep 24 14:08:18 1999] gcache: accept failed, error=3D107
=>[Fri Sep 24 14:08:18 1999] gcache: accept failed, error=3D107

I saw the same thing. You can work around it by changing the
SSLCacheServerPort config parameter from a path (which causes it to
use a Unix-domain socket) to a number (which causes it to use a TCP
[UDP?]) port.

I don't know what the underlying problem is; I have other apps that
use Unix-domain sockets, and they work fine under 2.3.18.


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