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SubjectRe: Integration of pcnet_cs into drivers/pcmcia

> > pcmcia is initialized _after_ initcall()'s are done, so I suspect it
> > would not work. There's probably good reason: pcmcia_init() needs to
> > know what areas are allocated.
> Normally it should not, actually. pcmcia_init() doesn't check or
> allocate any resources until the cardmgr daemon is started. I also
> try not to rely on other drivers correctly allocating device resources
> anyway, since the Linux resource maps are generally incomplete.

Ok then. We can call pcmcia_init() before other initcall-s and make
normal drivres initcalls().

> And there are still decisions to be made. Like, drivers/net/pcmcia
> seems sensible, but do we also want to mirror that in the module tree
> with /lib/modules/.../net/pcmcia? Or do they go in modules/.../net,
> or modules/.../pcmcia? This impacts the user-mode PCMCIA stuff, so
> I'd want to be involved in that decision, rather than having people
> dropping PCMCIA drivers into the kernel tree as they see fit.

(This is not yet issue for me because I want my kernel standalone, no

IIIt should be drivers/pcmcia/net, like we have drivers/sbus/char and
drivers/acorn/net. Perhaps everything from them should go to
modules/.../pcmcia, but I do not really care.

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