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SubjectRe: XFS and journalling filesystems

On Tue, 01 Jun 1999 02:15:17 -0700, Dan Koren
<> said:

>> In summary, I guess it is important that the filesystem not only
>> performs at incredible speeds on high end SMP, but also it's best and
>> average case performance on limited memory and IO machines is also
>> good.

> I'm afraid your concerns about kernel code size eating into buffer
> cache or user memory are slightly out of date. These days it seems
> damn near impossible to buy anything with less than 32 MB memory!

The size of the active code paths and their impact on the working set in
cpu L1 cache is still significant even on today's systems. Every cache
miss you introduce to the primary filesystem code paths hurts, whether
it's a data cache or an instruction cache miss.


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