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SubjectRe: Mouse and keyboard drivers in the Linux Kernel?

> > We are getting close to finishing the port of our SciTech Multi-
> > platform Graphics Library to Linux (free Open Source under our
> > modified mozilla PL). One thing has been bothering me for some time
> > is that Linux does not appear to have a *full* mouse driver built
> > into the kernel. There is the /dev/mouse device you can use to
> > communicate with the currently configured mouse, however this device
> > simply passes back the raw mouse protocol data and we need to know
> > about *all* the different types of mice that can be attached, and to
> > somehow figure out what one is actually connected.
> >
> [rest deleted]
> Agreed, the current setup is messy (users don't care if their mouse is a
> /dev/psaux, /dev/inportbm, etc., and they don't always want to do their
> keycode translation in userspace).
> Vojtech Pavlik has been working on a generic input device framework that
> deals with many of your issues.

Unfortunately, vojta's work is, say, not completely stable, yet.

Before vojtas patches are stable, either:

* use X windows

* run gpm in repeater mode, then read data from /dev/gpmdata (they are
in mousesystems protocol). This is THE right way, for now. gpm will do
translation for you.

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