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SubjectRe: Mouse and keyboard drivers in the Linux Kernel?
Kendall Bennett wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are getting close to finishing the port of our SciTech Multi-
> platform Graphics Library to Linux (free Open Source under our
> modified mozilla PL). One thing has been bothering me for some time
> is that Linux does not appear to have a *full* mouse driver built
> into the kernel. There is the /dev/mouse device you can use to
> communicate with the currently configured mouse, however this device
> simply passes back the raw mouse protocol data and we need to know
> about *all* the different types of mice that can be attached, and to
> somehow figure out what one is actually connected.
This is normal. AFAIK this is the documented behavior when you read
directly from a serial port.

> This is a major pain, so I was wondering if there really was a real
> mouse driver in the Linux kernel, or if people are interested in
> building one? Specifically I want a device that maintains a queue of
> events internally including mouse up, mouse down and mouse movement
> events (including a 1ms time stamp for every event so we can tell how
> far apart the events were). Then our MGL code will only need to
> connect to the mouse device and read the events from the queue to get
> the real data we need. Oh, and using the GPM libraries is not
> suitable because GPM is not always installed, and this stuff should
> really be in the kernel anyway.
Mice are handled from userspace; either the gpm daemon or the X server.
I really see no reason to have mouse drivers in the kernel, we should
only have the bare minimum needed to access them from userspace, e.g.
serial port/usb/busmouse stuff.

There are mouse routines you can link to from userspace distributed with
gpm, (libgpm) I suggest that you snag the source and take a look. Of
course, this is assuming that you want to use mice for the text console.

You might also want to take a look at what the GGI/KGI people are doing
WRT mice. They seem to have a pretty good thing going with video and

> Likewise another thing that bothers me is the keyboard driver we have
> in the MGL. The MGL's event mechanism requires a keyboard driver that
> allows us to get KEYUP, KEYDOWN and KEYREPEAT events along with a 1ms
> time stamp for all key events. We also need to know the real scan
> code of the keypress, along with the correct ASCII translation for
> the key. Right now the kernel keyboard driver does not provide such
> functionality, so we have to run the keyboard in RAW mode so we can
> process the up/down events ourselves. This works fine (but we need a
> separate thread processing input so we can get the time stamps),
> however it also means we are not responsible for doing the scancode-
> >ASCII translations. This is something we should not be doing in our
> code, and once again something that should be handled in the kernel.
Definitely look at GGI/KGI. You might also want to sift through the
SVGAlib source, as I believe that it handles mice and other input.

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