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SubjectRe: 2.3.3 Total Lock-Up

>This morning I checked on Tahallah and discovered everything was
>completely locked up.

[ ... ]

>Matrox Millennium II 8MB graphic card

i wonder ... which X server are you using ?

>This is the first time that Linux has totally locked up on me in 2 years
>(should I be surprised?). I will see if it doesn't lock up again by
>tomorrow morning. I really should set up a network so I can telnet in.

I am running 2.2.7 SMP on a dual PII-450, and I "regularly" get total
lockups. It happens to me just after a recompile of a large
application (17MB including debugging info), at the point where I tell
gdb to restart it. It happens approximately once in every 20-30
restarts, but I also have a feeling that it occurs more often as the
machine has been up longer.

I have been unclear whether it is X related (since, like alex, i can't
test network accessibility) or the kernel dying.

Its certainly consistent with a file system issue; right now, I have 3
"syncs" at the end of my makefile, and its always notable that the
first of these shuffles a lot of blocks onto the disk (not
suprisingly, having just compiled a 17MB executable).


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