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SubjectRe: i386/RTC: old problem, new solution?
	From: "Ulrich Windl" <>

maybe the problem running RTC in non-UTC time is known to you,
including its implications. Basically the kernel lacks two things
when booting:

1) time zone
2) Whether RTC runs UTC or local time

My solution would be:

1) Add a kernel parameter like RTC=UTC|local
2) Add a kernel parameter like TZ=+0200 (numeric notation ised in

3) Enhance routines that set the system time to update the RTC as well

I some people can convince me that it's a good idea, I might develop
a patch...


Hmm. You are acquainted with the settimeofday() system call?
Including the strange `warp clock' semantics on the first call?
You are also acquainted with the hwclock program?

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