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SubjectRe: update kernel in 6.0 RH
According to Andrew Burgess: While burning my CPU.
> Thanks,
> I don't believe it but I'm actually running kernel 2.3.2 as we speak=20
> and with only one problem The AWE midi module is afraid to run...=20
> something about an inferiority complex and being dissd by his friends=20
> at school.

Ah!, well i did tell you about problems using "development kernels", anyway
i just read the following in the linux-kernel mail;

> If you include the AWE driver in kernel then a similar oops is seen on
> boot, the trace is from trying to install the module.
> The kernel version is 2.3.2, my soundcard is non-pnp SoundBlaster
> AWE32
> with 2x4meg SIMMS on board.

maybe this helps?

--- awe_wave.c.orig Sat May 15 10:35:17 1999
+++ awe_wave.c Sat May 15 10:35:23 1999
@@ -979,7 +979,7 @@

-static struct wait_queue *awe_sleeper = NULL;
+static DECLARE_WAIT_QUEUE_HEAD(awe_sleeper);
static void awe_wait(unsigned short delay)
interruptible_sleep_on_timeout(&awe_sleeper, (HZ * (unsigned
+ 44099) / 44100);
> I don't mind this kernel at all. I just wonder if there are maybe some=20
> updates I might have missed. I looked but I'm not totally sure.

The updates, or as they are beter known "patches" will keep comming and
going, some helping problems and in turn introducing new problems, if thats
what you want then use 2.3.X however dont send messages here asking for help
when your system keeps failing, there are other mailing lists for that.

> Thanks for all the help everyone this is turning out great!
> (just got a call for a job in tech support in Vancouver BC... I hope=20
> it's linux and I hope it pays more than my wife is getting...
> Wish me luck.

Good luck.

> Andrew.

The attached html was deleted by, Guess who!!!..

Regards Richard.

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