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SubjectRe: Quota file format proposal

> So 2.3 is out and so we can start implementing new quota file format. My proposal is following:
> struct quota_file_header {
> u32 qfh_Magic;
> u32 qfh_Version;
> };
> qfh_Magic would identify quota file so we can be sure it is really ours... Currently we will use 2 magics
> - for user and for group quota file.

Do we need to distinguish between user and group quotas if the file structure
will be otherwise the same?

> qfh_Version is I think clear.
> struct quota_time_limits {
> u64 qfd_btime;
> u64 qfd_itime;
> };
> This entry will specify time limits after which soft-quota becomes hard-quota. Currently this times are
> stored in root's structure but as we are going to have capabilities I think it's better to have nonexeptional
> structure for UID 0.
> struct quota_block {
> u32 qb_curblocks, qb_bhardlimit, qb_bsoftlimit;
> same for inodes
> u64 qb_btime, qb_time;
> };
> This is same as it was before except the thing we have 64-bits for time.

Maybe we should insert several reserved fields to both the header and the
entries to make some room for additional expansion and also to align the
structures, so that they won't cross disk block boundary.

Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mares <>
Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., Earth
"Q: Do you believe in One God? A: Yes, up to isomorphism."

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