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18 May 1999

Re: [VFS] move active filesystemJamie Lokier
Re: Different Memcpy system (see memcpy by 8)David Luyer
[New] Bad apache perfomance wtih linux SMPJuergen Schmidt
Re: Problem with 2.3.1 and later.Horst von Brand
[New] just for grinsRick Hohensee
Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]Linus Torvalds
[New] Re: My 3 big wishes for 2.3.x dledford@redhat ...
Re: VFAT renameRaul Miller
Re: Kernel-oops...Ingo Molnar
[New] ICMP tcp port 80 unreachable [tos 0xc0] with SquidHenrique Pantarotto
[New] console_init patch for kbdless systemsMatt Porter
Re: Suggestion for modules.."Mike A. Harris"
[New] ide-scsi bug in 2.2.[3-9]Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
Re: Capabilities done right...Matthew Vanecek
Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]Pavel Machek
Re: VFAT rename"H. Peter Anvin"
Re: Deletion of big files...Alexander Viro
[New] Re: a badblocks command causes kerlnel OOPS (fwd)Jan Kara
Re: CD-RW"Mike A. Harris"
Re: ext2 questionManfred Spraul
[New] Re: oops in sb module version 2.3.2 (unresolved symbols also - no ...Alexandre Hautequest
Re: block-major-xxDaniel Silverstone
[New] includes linux/lp.h or linux/wait.h inconsistent outside kernelStanislav Brabec
Re: [patch]: adding nls to smbfs"Michael H. Warfield"
[New] 2.2.8/9 and alphaserver 2100 smp problemsGreg Siekas
[New] ADB mouse driver"Giuliano Pochini"
Re: VFAT renameAlexander Viro
Re: [patch]: adding nls to smbfsUrban Widmark
Re: schedule() "spaghetti" in 2.3.2 ..Rik van Riel
[New] Printer and Zip drive don't work together.Matthew Vanecek
Re: 2.3.x wish list?(Kai Henningsen)
Re: IDE fix... ("obviously correct").(Rogier Wolff)
Re: host (multibus) failoverMichael Cunningham
Re: CD-RWPierfrancesco Caci
[New] Dynamic module loadingchristian
[New] USE_ELCR_TRIGGER_LEVEL removed in 2.2.6 -> linux broken for HP-XU SMPHubert Tonneau
[New] RE: [PATCH] Updated built-in kernel debugger for 2.2.[34] kernel s"Dunlap, Randy"
Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1] getienne@globalse ...
[New] [2.3.3] error in st.cScott Sibert
[New] PATCH: keyboard.c, no change to boot_itWerner Almesberger
Re: A challenge to linuxRamana Juvvadi
[New] 2.3.3 drivers/scsi/st.c -- more wait queue problems?!?Richard A Nelson
Re: 2.3.x wish list?"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
[New] Re: IDE fix... ("obviously correct").(Guest section DW)
Re: Deletion of big files..."Theodore Y. Ts'o"
Re: Capabilities done right...Y2K
Re: 2.2.9 swaps a lotTom Holroyd
Re: group perms on /dev/pts/*Dax Kelson
Re: ext2 question"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
Re: ext2(3?) streams application"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]Y2K
[New] Linux-2.3.3 and a short hiatus..Linus Torvalds
Re: VFAT renameRaul Miller
[New] Re: VFAT renameAlexander Viro
[New] hinting system for poll (was Re: /dev/poll vs. aio_)Niels Provos
Re: Deletion of big files...Gregory Maxwell
[New] oops in sb module for 2.3.2Alexandre Hautequest
Re: More capabilities stuff...Y2K
Re: Quota file format proposalMartin Mares
Re: ModulesRobert Bowles
Re: 2.3.x wish list?Pauline Middelink
Re: vger weirdness alano@summanul ...
Re: host (multibus) failoverRik van Riel
[New] Re: 2.2.9 swaps a lotRicardo Galli Granada
Re: 2.3.x wish list?(Kai Henningsen)
Re: CD-RWAlex Buell
[New] SMP and SBAWE64 kernel 2.2Joe
[New] Re: More capabilities stuff..."Albert D. Cahalan"
[New] Small bug in menuconfig (tested on 2.3.2)Stefan Laudat
[New] Linux Kernel 2.0.35 (support for mikb)config
Re: Stupid MS challengePaul Flinders
[New] Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]"Albert D. Cahalan"
Re: IDE fix... ("obviously correct").Linus Torvalds
Re: 2.3.x wish list?Menion
[New] k2.3.2 and "stuck on TLB IPI wait"root
[New] pcmcia IBM token ring - (pcmcia-3.0.10)"Stefano Mason"
[New] Are there any tools which can convert linux shell script files in ..."hechengdong"
Re: EFS in 2.3.2 ???Ralf Baechle
Re: 2.3.x wish list?David Lang
Re: "v2.3.[23]": Compile problems...Marcelo Tosatti
[New] [SECURITY PATCH]: inconsistant checks in sys_ptraceChris Evans
[New] Linux 2.3.3ac1Alan Cox
Re: vger weirdness"R. Kelley Cook"
[New] 2.3.3 st.h fixChris Zwilling
[New] null pointer deref in kernel space 2.2.9Brian Ristuccia
[New] Re: host (multibus) failover"Chris Smith"
[New] make: *** [_mod_drivers] Error 2 in 2.3.3Alexandre Hautequest
[New] attempt to access beyond end of deviceJuergen Leising
Re: [PATCH] devfs v101 availableRichard Gooch
[New] 2.3.3: compile problem in st.cSteffen Zahn
Re: Why 'wait queues' and not 'channels'"David S. Miller"
Re: sendmsg() argumentsAlex Belits
Re: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]Linus Torvalds
Re: All the problems with 2.2.8/2.3.x and bdflush/updateAlan Cox
[New] 2.3.3ac1 - whoopsAlan Cox
Re: empty core fileMeelis Roos
[New] KeyboardAndroid
Re: [VFS] move active filesystemChris Wedgwood
[New] 2.3.3: blk_ioctl undefined w/rd & floppy built as modulesAlessandro Suardi
Re: 2.2.8 dies.....George Bonser
Re: Journalling of Metadata in ext2fs?"Stephen C. Tweedie"
[New] Re: a badblocks command causes kerlnel OOPSTim Waugh
[New] Point-of-Contact for Compaq (Digial)Adam Sulmicki
[New] [PATCH] devfs v103 availableRichard Gooch
Re: Deletion of big files...Alex Buell
Re: gettimeofday non-monotonic on 2.2.7 SMPSimon Kirby
[New] ATI All-In-Wonder ProBrian Knoll
[New] [ Re: a badblocks command causes kerlnel OOPS]Steve Dodd
Re: New epic100 PLEASE!!Alan Cox
Re: CD-RWAlan Cox
[New] linux/drivers/scsi/st.c(Bob_Tracy)
Re: Slashdot shitheads alano@summanul ...
Re: Clear reboot?Chris Wedgwood
Re: 2.3.x wish list?"Michael H. Warfield"
Re: Device unregistration."H. Peter Anvin"
Re: Memory (compare and set) by 8 (cont from prev)Oliver Xymoron
Re: gettimeofday non-monotonic on 2.2.7 SMPdave madden
Re: [PATCH] copy_strings cleanup for 2.3.2Oliver Xymoron
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