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SubjectQuestion: mount options for iso9660

Is there a way of ignoring the attributes (i.e. r,w,x) but NOT the rockridge
long file names, when mounting a CDROM under Linux? I have some CDs here
that I would like to mount with umask=<something> but this doesn't seem to
override the Rockridge attributes, and I _need_ the Rockridge file names
(e.g. because auf *.class).

If not, would someone be so kind and have a look at it, if it doesn't
require a complete kernel rewrite <g>? There's a free Pizza Hut coupon for
the first working patch :)

This is a Debian 2.1 system with mount-2.9g and linux-2.2.3.


_ciao, Jens_______________________________

"Bastard Operators from Hell" anagrams to "Shatterproof Armored Balls"

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