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SubjectFix for asm/system.h
While compiling a C++ program I noticed a little nastiness in asm/system.h
(for Alpha of course). G++ always complained that an implicit cast would not
be allowed with ANSI C++. OK I thought, then make it explicit ;)
Here is a little diff... would someone please include this for the next
kernel release?

*** /usr/src/linux-2.2.6/include/asm/system.h Thu Apr 1 00:00:29 1999
--- system.h Thu Apr 29 17:01:37 1999
*** 292,300 ****
switch (size) {
case 4:
! return xchg_u32(ptr, x);
case 8:
! return xchg_u64(ptr, x);
return x;
--- 292,300 ----
switch (size) {
case 4:
! return xchg_u32((volatile int *)ptr, x);
case 8:
! return xchg_u64((volatile long *)ptr, x);

Nils Faerber (Linux Nils) eMail:
Student of computer science
Unix user group, University of Siegen, Germany

Siegen ... the arctic rain forest!

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