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SubjectRe: WAY OT--Crisis...virus! Need help
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Seeing the same thing with two of my Win95 boxes and a friend's computer (we
> > don't even share files between ourselves). It wipes out the partition table.
> > ICK! Where did it come from, and is there any way to recover the data?
> Not easily. If you know roughly where things line up you can hunt for the
> unix superblocks and FAT tables. Keeping a copy of your partition tables
> on postits taped to the case isnt a bad idea. Its a bit late for that
> though.
> If you set one partition for the whole disk, that should let you back up the
> first partition you had at least. It may also let you know a size so you can
> hunt the next one
It is not impossible (although time consuming) to manually recover your
partitions. I had a problem with a Linux 2.0.30 box a while back (when
2.0.30 was the latest and greatest) and I had lost my partition table,
had no backup,and only a vague idea what the grometries should be. What
I found is that if you have a rescue disk, you can start with the first
partition, and guess. Then either mount it read-only and cat/cp every
file to /dev/null to check for errors or e2fsck -f -n; if you get
errors, try again. :)

Not very fun, but it is useful at (desprate) times.
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| technophilia." --Annalee Newitz, "Invisible
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