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SubjectWAY OT--Crisis...virus! Need help
A friend of mine here at Penn has a weird problem. I think it may have
been caused by a virus. He normally runs windows, and this evening after
midnight, he tried to play a game and his computer froze up. After
reboot he couldnt get anything to work. I booted with 2.0.36 and 2.2.6
off of boot disks. Everything goes normal...the chipset is setup
correctly. It barfs when it gets to checking the partitions. The swapper
(pid 1 process nr: 1) gives a general protection fault. What can I do to
further check out his drive. Is this looking like his chipset/hard drive
firmware is corrupted. We had a campus email that came out thise week on
the "Chernobyl Virus" I cant remember the exact message, but i remember
that the virus was toting bios corruption and motherboard frying. I
dismissed it as FUD, but maybe it is true. Anyhelp would be much
apprecitated because he has papers due for finals this week. I also
appologize for being so far off topic, but maybe this will give insite
to those of us wishing to diagnose nasty HD problems.
Thank you
Nicholas Henke
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2002
Life is like bein' on a mule team.
Unless you're the lead mule, all the scenery looks about the same.

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