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SubjectRe: [patch] PIII/Katmai & FXSAVE support, disable serial-#, 2.2.2
On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Daniel J. Frasnelli wrote:

>a machine (I'll not digress into 101 ways to forge this). We use this
>method all the time when tracking an IP "bandit" on our network.

Don't trust it! Spoofing the MAC address is quite easy for a knowledged

> I research things such as communication/information theory
>on the side, and it is plain that the P3 psn can also be used as
>means of auditing the web sites visited, e-commerce transactions
>handled, etc. of a particular computer with a dialup account (and

It's just possible. You can just call cpuid from userspace. I never known
if it's possible to disable it from userspace. The problem is that to
understand what the browser is doing you have to read the asm. If instead
the information cames from /proc you only need an `strace | grep

Andrea Arcangeli

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