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SubjectRe: ip route , needed feature ?

> For: ip route
> flush - Flushes all routes , except the interface defined routes .
> will remove all routes to interfaces that have not been
> installed by ifconfig .

Yes, it is planned as soon as I will accumulate enough of stamina 8)
Actually, I think it will look like:

ip route flush SELECTOR

where SELECTOR is the similar to SELCTOR used in "ip route ls"
(probably, enhanced) and will allow to flush routes by set of conditions:
prefix set, nexthop, device, protocol etc.

> Now we add thru a route daemon gated/in.route/... a whole
> series of routes . At present I have no easy way to get back
> to a clean state without 'reboot' . Is there some feature
> already in place within 'ip' or 'route' that will allow me to
> reasonably easily clean my route stack back to just the
> interface routes ?

It is pretty strange, but "flush" option persists in "route" helper
for years, which apparently means, that nettools maintainers really
all the time planned to implement it. 8)

> Also can 'ip' be used under 2.0.x series ?



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