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SubjectRe: Routing Table (Feature)

> The user code doesn't care how a connection is established, nor
> how a datagram gets to a destination. Machine-specific raw sockets
> don't even care.

Sure? Then try to start gated in your configration and
look what will occur.

> on the physical network, by manipulating routing netmasks.
[etc. explanation, when it can be useful skipped]

I ABSOLUTELY agree. Then let's teach gated etc. not to rely
on interface addresses for beginning. Then we can return
to this question and delete from kernel useless SIOC[GS]IFNETMASK.

It is not joke. You may scan
to look at apps, which DO use routing tables directly not relying
on address information (pimd, rsvpd etc). If the program of sanitization
of bsd heritage appeared realistic, I would sign under each your word.

For now, keep netmasks and routes in sync, please.
And if it is impossible, then try not to delete routes installed
by kernel at least. (BTW you may just OVERRIDE interface routes
without deleting route to wider network installed by kernel)


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