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    SubjectWas there an flock() problem in 2.0.30 SMP???
    I think the subject says it all.  I've got a Perl script running on a
    2.0.30-SMP kernel (dual PPro-180Mhz), and it appears that the flock() calls
    aren't going as expected. I'm frequently finding out that more than one
    process (multiples of the _same_ script) have managed to get write access to
    the file and it's clobbering all the data. I've tried hunting down problems
    in the code and can't seem to find anything that's going on other than the
    possibility that either Perl/Linux isn't actually recognizing the locks on the

    So, uh, did we have problems with it back then on an SMP kernel? Any info
    would be appreciated, I can't keep rebuilding the data file on this machine,
    and doubt that I can convince my client to rebuild the world and update the
    kernel (and everything else it depends on). Help?

    Graham TerMarsch

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