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SubjectRe: ISSUE: 2.2.0-pre6 NFS client problems
> Fred Richardson writes ("Re: ISSUE: 2.2.0-pre6 NFS client problems "):
> > I'm still seeing these messages:
> >
> > kernel: nfs_stat_to_errno: bad nfs status return value: 116
> >
> > and I'm using the new knfsd-981204 package. Note that I'm getting
> > this message as an NFS client only. Typically I get this message and
> > a mount fails. Could this be a problem with am-utils-6.0? I don't
> > think I can use autofs unless it can use the NIS map stuff.
> I regularly see that error message with a Linux 2.0 client running amd
> mounting things from a Solaris NFS server.
> errno==116 isn't documented as an error on Solaris but on Linux it's
> ESTALE - it's bound to be an bug in amd (or am-utils).
> Peter

I don't recall seeing this before with 2.0.x, but I may not have
looked carefully (we have a lot of Solaris and Sun servers here). I
am having the problem that the NFS mounted file systems suddenly
become inaccessible (I should send a formal bug report on this). I
thought that the nfs_stat_to_errno was to blame. What are you using
to mount file systems? Do you have autofs built in the kernel (I
eventually turned this off)? Actually, do you know if autofs can
handle the Sun NIS maps?

Thanks in advance for any info,


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