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SubjectRe: ISSUE: 2.2.0-pre6 NFS client problems
| > 
| > | > If it runs into something it couldn't look up in the table then it spits
| > | > out this error message. I've seen it a fair number of times myself....
| > |
| > | Older user mode linux nfsd is one culprit of passing wrong errors back (on
| > | rmdir from memory) .37 seems ok
| >
| > I'm still seeing these messages:
| >
| > kernel: nfs_stat_to_errno: bad nfs status return value: 116
| >
| > and I'm using the new knfsd-981204 package. Note that I'm getting
| > this message as an NFS client only. Typically I get this message and
| > a mount fails. Could this be a problem with am-utils-6.0? I don't
| > think I can use autofs unless it can use the NIS map stuff.
| >
| What is your NFS server? It looks like your NFS server returns

I just got this message from a Solaris-2.5.1 NFS server.

I'm also having the following problem: when I try to read my mail
using NM's `inc' command, `inc' just hangs until I kill it. The mail
drop file is on a Sun 4.1.4 NFS server. Meanwhile, on the Sun 4.1.4
server several `procmail' processes start to accumulate because they
can't write to my mail drop file. I assume they're waiting for a lock
to be released.

Since I'm mounting the file file system with the `nolock' option, how
can this happen? Could statd be causing this problem?


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