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    SubjectRe: VIA chipsets all bad? I think not.
    > > Flip side:  Debian 2.0 refuses to boot on my old DX2/66 (AMI Enterprise III
    > > m/b). Red Hat (v4.0, 4.2, 5.0. 5.1) works fine, as did Slackware 3.0 and
    > > Caldera 1.1.
    > Point taken. I know Redhat isn't bad considering on the
    > current Slashdot poll Redhat blows away second place by twice
    > as much.

    At least some of it appears to be boot image types and hardware. For a long
    time Debian didnt (maybe still doesnt) work with some laptops due to the
    boot setup it used. That wasnt a debian bug, it was hardware cache control
    bugs on the laptops in question.

    Other distributions happened to install by luck basically.

    The only funny I can definitively pin down like this is that Cyrix patched
    kernels <2.0.35 wont boot on intel bx chipset boards. Im not quite sure
    how intel came to choose clashing ports but its pretty hard not to suspect
    "screwing cyrix" wasnt somewhere on the agenda. Unless Intel get busted
    the way Microsoft are right now I guess we'll never find out.


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