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SubjectRe: devfs
It's pretty clear that UUIDs are the way to go, to achieve truly
pluggable resources. But I think we're a long way off from there.
(Jini is a step in the right direction. Does Jini use UUIDs?)

No one has addressed the issue of a canonical /dev. Could this be done
as a user-level utility? ie. a program that, on bootup and iff
/etc/RECONFIGURE exists, queries the kernel to see which device major
and minor numbers exist, and name them accordingly? sorta like scsidev
for all kernel devices.

With UUIDs and this canonical /dev generator, I don't see much need for
devfs either. (canon /dev is sorta a middle step towards achieving
UUID-style resource usage)


Jeff Garzik Typhoon, Cyclone, Diablo, and INN News tuning and consulting

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