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Subjectlp patch
I forgot this in my latest lp diff. Nobody noticed a stall since it' s
needed in rare conditions not easily reproducible. It' s against my latest
diff (that should be in pre-104 just now).

--- linux/drivers/char/lp.c 1998/05/17 11:51:36 1.44
+++ linux/drivers/char/lp.c 1998/05/24 17:31:39
@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@
register unsigned long int timeslip = (jiffies - dev->time);
if ((timeslip > dev->timeslice) && (dev->port->waithead != NULL)) {
+ lp_table[minor].irq_missed = 1;
schedule ();
} else
BTW, today one guy said me that he applyed pre-104 and lp continue to
stall for him (since he said me that, I supposed my lp latest diff is just
in pre-104), so frustrated I find out an HP Deskjet 600 (the precise one
of the guy) to test hard the workaround with the buggy hardware myself and
here works fine as expected (and just reported from the helpful
alpha-testers). The old lp stall under the same conditions with the same
printer. I have no idea of what could be wrong for him but sure his
problem is not the HP hardware bug I workarounded.

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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