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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
> > to render a bitmap and then feed it to the printer.
> I see. But that makes the printer virtually unusable on most other platforms
> than it was designed for? So, to use it on Linux one would have to implement
> the GDI engine?

Of course not. Read what I said.. you render a bitmap and feed that to the
printer. Now look what ghostscript does. Shock horror I do belive it like
renders a bitmap and then sends it to the printer.

> And what about video cards that implement in hardware functions traditionally
> found in the software driver? They certainly give better performance but they
> are tied to one particular OS interface - such cards exist, so what other OSes

Not really. At a drawing level there is really no difference between X11
and Win32 other than the cursor format. Cursor format conversion is not
exactly hard and some chips like the S3 ones actually support both natively!


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