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Subjectdrivers for Traquair/Hunt Engineering TIM-40 DSP Motherboards

We have a few linux device drivers for Traquair/Hunt Engineering
TIM-40 (Texas Instruments TMS320C40 DSP) motherboards in various
stages of development. In particular, there are drivers for the
HEPC2-D (also called HEPC2-M) and HEPC2-E ISA quad TIM-40 motherboards.
These drivers have been in active use, and appear to be pretty stable,
although there is some ongoing work, in particular on the HEPC2-E
driver. The HEPC2-E driver should also work with the HEPC2104, a C44 on
a PC/104 board, but we haven't tested it.

We also have a driver for the HEPC3/HEPC4 PCI TIM-40 motherboards,
which we are currently developing.

The drivers are currently at
and more information about the boards themselves is at

If anyone is interested in the code, please download it and check it
out. I'd be happy to try to answer any questions, and we'd be
delighted to hear any comments.

Thanks very much,


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