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SubjectRe: apm_bios: set display ready : Unrecognized device ID
On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Dave Wreski wrote:

> [I wrote:]
> > You've got a buggy BIOS. Try this patch; tell me if it fixes the problem.
> > [If it doesn't, it just means that your APM BIOS doesn't support screen
> > blanking.]
> Perhaps this should go to linux-laptop, but I have a question regarding
> blanking the screen on my Compaq LTE5300.

Could you try the patch I posted, and tell me if it helps?
Please try letting it blank both on a VC screen and an X windows screen
(there have been reports of X blanking improperly; the console should
blank without problems.)

> I receive the 'apm_bios: set display standby: Unrecognized device ID'
> message on the console using 2.0.33.

I suspect a buggy BIOS. What APM version number does linux display on
boot (note: this is different from the version number in /proc/apm).

> How does the screen blanking differ from what xset would do? Or what the
> default screen blank does? Apparently I can't get the display to shut off
> like a normal monitor would. Is it supposed to?

I can't speak for X. The APM screen blank calls an APM BIOS function to
power down all screen-related devices. Actions past that point are up to
the BIOS author, but typically this would (at least) turn off the
backlight and (at best) power down the entire video subsystem.
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