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SubjectRe: Strings floppy problem under Linux 2.1.131.
"Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 07 Dec 1998 09:25:47 -0500, Michael K Vance <>
> said:
> >> "Device is busy" when I was unmounting /dev/fd0. I have verified that
> >> there were no processes running at the time. I even changed to the
> >> single use mode. I still got "Device is busy" when I was unmounting
> > I'm getting consistent "can't unmount '/': device busy" messages
> > when I try to reboot: 'shutdown -r 0' (for kernel upgrades, of
> > course!), since 2.1.130.
> This is a FAQ. New kernels are (correctly) stricter about unmounting
> (or rather, remounting read-only) existing filesystems. Specifically,
> you can't remount a fs readonly if there are any deleted files still
> held open by any processes (because in that case, closing the file
> results in an implicit delete of the data, which is illegal if the fs
> is readonly).
> Some versions of glibc keep /etc/ permanently mapped. If
> you run ldconfig with such a glibc, then /sbin/init still keeps a
> reference to the old (now deleted) version of, and so you
> cannot remount the root. Newer glibcs unmap the file
> after loading the libraries, so they do not have this problem.
> --Stephen

1. which version of glibc is good?
2. I know this FAQed a while back, but I lost track of it (cower in
shame), and now run into the trouble: when I shut down, I get an
(apparently harmless) message that /usr cannot be unmounted. Could
someone please remind me how to fix this?
David Feuer
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