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SubjectRe: Strings floppy problem under Linux 2.1.131.
> Michael K Vance <> said:
> > So, I'll assume that the 2.07 I'm using is the culprit. Is their a workaround
> > (or a document addressing this issue I can examine?). I have gotten 2.0.104
> > compiled, but installing it scares me, still ;).
> Be scared... glibc-2.0.105 installed on a pristine RedHat-5.2 system kills
> fsck(8) and mount(8) dead. Dunno what is going on there, just got a victim
> to try it twice on a K6 machine, compiling with egcs from the distribution
> either as pentium or pentiumpro.

I have been updating glibc 2.1 on my RedHat 5.2 machine every other
day. fsck(8) and mount(8) from RedHat 5.2 work just fine with glibc
2.0.106 on x86.

H.J. Lu (

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