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    SubjectRe: Wanted: Secure-delete utility for Linux
    Charles Cazabon wrote:
    |> >> Hmmm I guess we need a /dev/one? (Actually not a bad thing to have)
    |> >
    |> > IMHO the name /dev/one would be a bad idea. Becouse this could mean an
    |> > integer one which is 00000001 for 8-bit, 0000000000000001 for 16-bit, and
    |> > so on.
    |> Hmmm -- something like /dev/~zero would work, if you can stand non-
    |> alphanumeric characters in your filenames.
    (t)csh people won't like this (bash also uses ~ for $HOME, ~zero for
    user zero's HOME...).
    How about /dev/minusone :-) ?
    Or /dev/allones ...


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