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SubjectIDE freeze for seconds

I've got four IDE drives (hda..hdd). They're told to go to sleep
after a while. But when some application needs to use a file on one
of them, both the application itself and parts of the system (other
tasks) get frozen for some seconds if the given drive needs to spin
up first.

I think this wait period should only affect the kernel fs thread
that tries to read from the hd, but not the applications?

For example, on my 64MB box (w/o X running), an application
trying to write some few MBs to an IDE drive that's "sleeping"
will have to wait for a few seconds, although there's enough
memory that the fs cache could use to store the data to be written
in while the drive spins up. This doesn't happen here; the app
is held for seconds (in which it could calculate/parse more
data, but it can't, since it's held in a write() call).


This is 2.1.129 speaking.

Trust no-one.

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