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SubjectSound Blaster Live (heads up Alan)
I called Creative about the Live and got the run around.  When I became
frustrated I started pushing a bit harder. This is unofficial, but I
never heard back from them, so I will speak what I was told. Creative
bought out Emu.

The Live has an Emu chip as it's main component. One of the reasons at
the point of my call (in late Sept I think) that no driver info was
released was because Emu was still patenting parts of the chip. The
person at Emu I heard this from suspected that info might be available
once the patents were filed.

I hope this provides some useful background to whoever will contact
Creative. Please note, I would give the name of the person I talked to,
but I do not have permission, and they probably aren't the place you
need to end up at.

Trever Adams

P.S. Tech support is not the place to call, they have NO info and might
not have functioning brains.

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