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SubjectRe: Total freeze with 2.1.12[7,8]
Billy Harvey enscribed thusly:

> > Are you compiling with SMP enabled or disabled? That's my leading
> > suspicion at this point (the disabled case that is...)

> Mike,

> I have had the same problem. Stock gcc and SMP commented out.
> I also observed the active tasks in a top program all having equal CPU
> load, and so have guessed that the scheduler is having problems.

Agreed. Totally... Right now, my latest run has been up almost
12 hours. Not enough to judge, but I have not heard anyone say that this
has occured with an SMP build. That's what I'm running right now and
all is stable. But the last failure occurred after 22 hours running, so
this is not nearly long enough by half to even guess...

I'm really suspicious about that gcc seg fault in 2.1.127pre3 sched.c,
because I never heard anyone say what FIXED it. It was just "magically"
fixed in 2.1.127pre7 (didn't have a chance to test anything in between).

> Billy
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