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SubjectRe: Total freeze with 2.1.12[7,8]
Matthew Hawkins enscribed thusly:

> I noticed a post earlier by H. J. Lu where he questioned scheduling - I had
> some similar symptoms happen earlier today also - a large disk write pretty
> much turned the box into a single-tasking system ;) All other disk i/o
> queued until the large one was over. Usually things tend to share around
> equally.

I also responded to Lu's post and have been seeing similar things...

> Just as a general observance, all post-2.1.125 kernels appear to be living
> up to the development kernel inference of instability. 117/9 and 125 were fine.

> I'm also willing to bet that egcs is the problem - its pentium optimisations
> are probably generating some unwanted/unexpected opcodes. Wish I knew enough
> AT&T syntax to figure it out.

Nice try but I'm compiling with gcc and stock options...

Are you compiling with SMP enabled or disabled? That's my leading
suspicion at this point (the disabled case that is...)

> --
> Matt

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