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SubjectRe: TCP/IP one->many
> Well, you really have 2 options:
> 1) Have some sort of wrapper library, so your application is presented
> with a "write to one socket" interface which gets transformed into writes
> to a whole bunch of sockets (thus you incur all the bandwidth and TCP-code
> overhead of just sending it to all of the clients individually anyway)

ahm, you definitely don't want to do that ... this means, you split the
stream on the server ... and have a LOT of unicast traffic on the net.
well, you will end in the lowerst corner of hell if you've to deal with
the whole implications of this issue ...

> 2) Look into one of the "reliable multicast" technologies (SCE, RMP, RMTP,
> RMTP2, RAMP, etc). I seem to remember there being lots of stuff on these
> somewhere in the website. SCE is probably most (conceptually)
> like what you want.
or have a look at RRMP

thats 'THE RIGHT THING' (tm) to do

3) you can 'translate' a tcp-stream into udp-multicast ... BUT like i
mentioned in 1) you really dont want to do this - believe me


Thomas Mirlacher Student of ComputerScience, University of Salzburg

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