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SubjectRe: TCP/IP one->many
On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Tom Mills wrote:

> Bob Lanning wrote:
> > look into multicast. (not TCP) TCP requires 2 end points for every
> > connection. There are a bunch of negotiations (window,mtu...) that go on for
> > each connection. These negotiations are done throughout the existence of the
> > connection.
> I've thought about UDP but don't want to incur the overhead of making sure the
> packets are delivered reliably, in order, etc. Also, with UDP isn't there router
> considerations if running over a WAN ? The application I am writing must handle
> heady I/O load and be reliable. I was thinking that one could add a thin driver
> to intercept TCP writes and handle the many send there given the appropriate
> target IPs by the user application.

Well, you really have 2 options:

1) Have some sort of wrapper library, so your application is presented
with a "write to one socket" interface which gets transformed into writes
to a whole bunch of sockets (thus you incur all the bandwidth and TCP-code
overhead of just sending it to all of the clients individually anyway)

2) Look into one of the "reliable multicast" technologies (SCE, RMP, RMTP,
RMTP2, RAMP, etc). I seem to remember there being lots of stuff on these
somewhere in the website. SCE is probably most (conceptually)
like what you want.

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