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    SubjectRe: Using Monochrome and VGA monitors simultaneously.
    On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Martin Mares wrote:

    >> Ok, I've got 2.1.124 now, and have mda compiled in. The module
    >> names seem to have changed considerably since last time I fiddled
    >> with this. I now see an "mdacon" module, and have looked for
    >> documentation on how to use it.
    >> I can't seem to turn up anything though.
    >> grep is not being my friend. ;o)
    >> Can you help me out with fiddling with mdacon under 2.1.124?
    >> What I've done so far is:
    >> 1 root@red:/lib/modules/2.1.124/video# insmod mdacon.o
    >> mda_first_vc=13 mda_last_vc=16
    >> mdacon: MDA with 4K of memory detected.
    >> Console: switching consoles 13-16 to MDA-2
    >> I found the module options in mdacon.c, as I couldn't find any
    >> documentation. The module insmod's ok, and is listed, but
    >> nothing happens.
    >> I've added inittab entries for these VC's and I get "respawning
    >> too fast" on them...
    > Does /dev/tty13 really exist on your machine?

    Yes. /dev/tty[0-16] exist. I've had up to 16 tty's active on
    the console before, but have dropped back to 12. Now I want to
    have 13-16 on the mda monitor.

    > If you try "echo foo >/dev/tty13" and use Alt-RightArrow to browse the
    >consoles, does "foo" appear on any of your monitors?

    I tried that, and couldn't find anything at all. ALT-RIGHTARROW
    cycles through tty1-12 and back to 1 again. The mono monitor did
    display a cursor in the top left corner that turns off when Linux
    shuts down though...

    Any ideas?

    Mike A. Harris - Computer Consultant - Linux advocate

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