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SubjectRe: Using Monochrome and VGA monitors simultaneously.

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> > If you try "echo foo >/dev/tty13" and use Alt-RightArrow to browse the
> >consoles, does "foo" appear on any of your monitors?

> I tried that, and couldn't find anything at all. ALT-RIGHTARROW
> cycles through tty1-12 and back to 1 again. The mono monitor did
> display a cursor in the top left corner that turns off when Linux
> shuts down though...
> Any ideas?

Here's what I did.

0. insmod mdacon

1. make sure you have a /dev/tty13 with the right numbers

2a. add to /etc/inittab 9:5:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty13 linux
2b. kill -HUP init

3a. edit /usr/lib/kbd/keytables, and change your .map so
keycode 59 = F1 F11 Console_13
control keycode 59 = F1
alt keycode 59 = Console_1
control alt keycode 59 = Console_1
shift alt keycode 59 = Console_13
3b. loadkeys

4. press alt-ctrl-f1

If that doesn't work.. I had to play with the switches of my mda (actually
a ATI Wonder) card to make it work.. I wonder if I could get documentation
of those switches..

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