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    SubjectStrange problem with 2.0.34 NFS client and 2.1.125 (old user-space) NFS Server


    we are faced to a rather ugly problem:

    Server: 2.1.125 with old, user space nfsd
    Client: 2.0.34 , both RH 5.1

    There is one file, that on either directory read or stat(), turns the
    whole nfs tree in a single, normal file. The mount point turns out those
    normal, plain file. Sometimes I am able mv() the moint point, create a new
    one and remount. Sometimes the mv() hangs uninterruptable. I think this
    surely has something to do with the inode number. The file is physically
    on a different FS as the root inode that gets mounted.

    Does anybody know about the problem?

    Is anybody willing to investigate?



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