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SubjectRe: (U)DMA Explained (Re: Kernel freeze on boot (.123-.125) in IDE init)
According to Andre M. Hedrick:
> Are IBM-DAQA-33240 and WDC AC31600H are UDMA by default???
> If they are, you need to move them off the 430HX PIIX3.
> This silly controller thinks that it can do UDMA, because it can decode
> the difference in the hardware. However, you would have seen (U)DMA if
> you could turn off in the BIOS timing settings.

Could you unpack that? You see, I also own an ABIT IT5H 1.5, and I
also have a drive that reports as "(U)DMA". When I "hdparm -d1" that
drive, it keeps working -- but is it really using UDMA?
Chip Salzenberg - a.k.a. - <>
"... under cover of afternoon in the biggest car in the county?!" //MST3K

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