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SubjectRe: Dynamic IP hack (PR#294)
In message <>, Eric Schenk 
| (after think about it on and off for close to 4 years). Frankly the
| real problem is that the internet was never designed to allow for
| dynamic IP addresses, and anything we do to hack them in results in

Nevertheless, they exist and they aren't going away until IPv6 becomes *the*
standard (if then). Some way to support them is needed, as anyone can tell
you who has tried to telnet out on a diald-enabled system only to have diald
drop the line before the telnet times out :-( (Bumping the diald default up
time isn't always a sane option, either.)

brandon s. allbery [os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
system administrator [WAY too many hats]
electrical and computer engineering KF8NH
carnegie mellon university

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